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The ABC iView app is a free, on-demand streaming service provided by Australia’s national broadcaster, ABC. It allows you to catch up on your favorite ABC TV programs at your convenience, from news and current affairs, to dramas and documentaries. 

You can enjoy all of this from the palm of your hand, on your tablet, or on your smart TV. This digital viewing experience lets you delve into an extensive catalog of content, whether it's an episode you missed or a show you're just discovering.

Features of the ABC iView App

1. Free to Use: One of the best features of the ABC iView app is that it's completely free, with no hidden fees or charges.
2. Wide Variety of Content: The app houses a vast selection of ABC's most popular TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more.
3. Live Streaming: Not only can you catch up on shows, but you can also live stream ABC channels directly from the app.
4. Personalized Viewing: The app allows you to create your own watchlist and continue watching from where you eft off.
5. Search and Discovery: A user-friendly interface enables easy navigation and a robust search function helps you discover new content.
6. Accessibility Features: The app is equipped with closed captioning and audio description for enhanced viewing.
7. Kid-Friendly Content: The ABC iView app includes a 'Kids' section, offering a wide range of child-friendly shows and educational content.
8. Multi-Device Compatibility: The app is compatible with a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.

Pros & Cons of the ABC iView App

Like any other digital platform, the ABC iView App has its strengths and weaknesses. Let's break them down:
1. Cost: The app is free to use, making it accessible to anyone with an internet connection.
2. Content Variety: From dramas to documentaries, the app offers a broad range of ABC content to keep you entertained.
3. Live Streaming: The ability to live stream ABC channels gives you real-time access to your favorite shows.
4. Personalized Experience: The app remembers where you left off and allows you to create a custom watchlist.
1. Limited to Australia: Unfortunately, due to rights restrictions, the app is only available to viewers in Australia.
2. Ads: While the app is free, you may encounter some ads during your viewing.
3. Internet Speed: Depending on your internet connection, you might experience buffering or slow load times.
4. Device Compatibility: While it is compatible with many devices, not all models and operating systems support the app.

Functions of the ABC iView App

The ABC iView App serves a variety of functions to facilitate a seamless viewing experience for its users:
- Content Search: Quickly locate your favorite programs or discover new ones with the app's robust search function.
- Live Stream: Get real-time access to ABC channels and watch live broadcasts.
- Customized Watchlist: Bookmark your favorite shows or movies and create a personalized viewing list.
- Continue Watching: The app saves your progress and allows you to pick up right where you left off.
- Kids Mode: Switch to the kids' section for a range of child-friendly programs and educational content.
- Accessibility Features: Utilize closed captioning and audio description for a more inclusive viewing experience.
- Device Compatibility: Use the app across different devices, be it your smartphone, tablet, or smart TV.
- Update Notifications: Receive alerts about the latest episodes of your favorite shows or any new content additions.

Instructions for Using the ABC iView App

Navigating the ABC iView app is a simple process. Here's a step-by-step guide:

1. Download and Install: First, download the ABC iView app from your device's app store and install it.
2. Sign Up: Open the app, and you'll be prompted to sign up for a free account. Fill out the necessary information.
3. Discover Content: Browse through the app's vast library of ABC shows, movies, and documentaries. Use the search bar to find specific titles.
4. Live Streaming: If you want to watch ABC channels live, go to the 'Live' tab.
5. Personalize Your Viewing: Add shows to your watchlist for easy access. The app will also remember where you left off on a program.
6. Kid Mode: Switch to the kids' section for child-friendly content.
7. Accessibility Features: Turn on closed captioning or audio description if needed.
8. Update Notifications: Turn on notifications to stay updated about your favorite shows and new content.

Happy streaming with the ABC iView app!


User comments


So why is the app not loading on both my phone and my Shield. Even the browser on my Android phone fails. Message pops up saying there's a bug on app. Wait for the developer to fix. Been over a week. EDIT: Tried again, uninstalled and reinstalled. Still no fix."


This app cannot remember what episode youre up to. I can't understand why you would have personal accounts when it then has no clue what episode you're up to, at least on TV Pretty sure it doesn't have any way to flag shows you've already watched too Basic fundamental expectations for a TV app. ABC content is good but the app makes watching it frustrating"


Mostly good, but 1. program playback quits (back to the program list) whenever I connect or disconnect my Bluetooth keyboard on my Google TV. (I have a multi-pairing keyboard that connects to multiple devices, so I notice this quite often.) 2. "Latest episode" sometimes goes to ep.1 of the latest season. It would be useful to have a proper bug reporting process, with a ticket queue, rather than having to "rate" the app to get attention, and prune the report down to 500 bytes."

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